Intensive pasture

Semsolutions inc.


Ideal mix for pastures. The diversity of plants allows good adaptation to all types of soil and offers stability in yield despite climatic variations. Ideal for regenerative systems looking for a good variety of forage species. Very well suited for intensive grazing management.

Also used to maintain pastures for silting or over-seeding.


15% timothy certified

18% Certified coated meadow brome

10% certified perennial ryegrass

7% Certified meadow fescue

4% Festulolium certified

7% Certified Orchardgrass

4 % Certified Huia white clover

4 % Certified Ladino Clover

6% Red clover certified coated

15% certified alfalfa

10% Certified coated trefoil


Suggested seeding rate: 26 kg/ha


Collections: Pastures

Type: Pasture