I am Eric Desrosiers TP

Forage Yield Strategist

I help avant-garde, disciplined and conscientious producers who wish to achieve the highest quality yields and decision-making autonomy.

Producer of dry hay for trade mainly for export, speaker and custom sowing work on more than 12,000 acres make me say that there is potential for greater success.

Find solutions so that you become a producer who is focused on your productivity and who has at heart the desire to improve and surpass themselves.

My mission is to optimize your knowledge in order to be better equipped to face the challenges of the years to come.

Bringing theory together with practice!

Photo by Éric Desrosiers

I am Émilie Douville agr.

Agronomic strategist for forage systems

An agronomist for over 10 years now, field observations have always been part of my daily life, as has personalized service to producers.

Always looking for solutions to resolve various problems in the field, I have developed great skills in soil health, fertilization, irrigation schemes and water management. A great passion for the forage sector has allowed me to acquire solid expertise.

Involved in various committees, speaker but above all in the field to promote the improvement of performance in the forage sector.


We are aware that agriculture brings a multitude of challenges. The many years spent with agricultural producers in order to obtain yields and the best quality have shown us that each year is different and that the harvest is not a foregone conclusion. There are several variables to consider such as weather, insects and diseases.

No one can predict what we will face next season and what obstacles will need to be overcome to minimize these imponderables. This is why we believe that profit should not be calculated at the end, but planned from the beginning.