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Mixture of Shockwave alfalfa with creeping roots and Emarwan red clover in combination with long-lasting grasses!

Adapts to lands with imperfect drainage and drainage. For silage only.

The presence of grasses allows for better yield and provides sugars to facilitate the fermentation of your silage. This blend offers an excellent protein/energy ratio. Nitrogen fertilization suggested. Ideally a pH of 6.5 and above.

Pre-mixed seeds, ideal for pneumatic seeders.

24% Shockwave Certified Alfalfa

24% Certified Emarwan Red Clover

12% Certified timothy

24% Smooth Bromine Blend (coated 34%) and certified meadow brome

10% Certified soft leaf tall fescue

6% Certified meadow fescue

Suggested seeding rate of 30 kg/ha

Equivalent to a mixture of 40% Shockwave alfalfa/40% Emarwan red clover/20% timothy at 18 kg/ha and 12 kg/ha Fashion.