Perennial ryegrass Soraya cert

Semsolutions inc.


Tetraploid perennial ryegrass selected for its impressive yield , its digestibility and its great resistance at the crown level and for diseases such as rust. Its performance comes from its very aggressive and constant regrowth characteristic with all cuts. Coming from European genetics, its winter survival is beneficial in our climate and offers optimal performance in times of drought du to its deep roots . Soraya offers premium quality for silage, pasture and hay. Excellent digestibility and forage value attributable to its genetic crossing to reduce heading during the summer, with the aim of providing quality forage to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock.

Seeding rate:
pure: 10-14 kg/ha

Mixture: 2-5 kg/Ha

Number of grains per kg: 550,000 gr/Kg

Certified germination: 85% minimum

Nitrogen fertilization is a plus to produce higher yields!

Collections: Pure grasses

Type: Grasses